MahJong Suite


Complete packet of the famous Japanese game



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MahJong Suite is a collection of high quality solitaire games that offer a fun way to kill time, thanks to its addictive gameplay.

MahJong is an ancient Eastern game in which you have to eliminate all the pieces from the stack. You must keep two rules in mind: you have to eliminate them in equal pairs, and they have to on the edge or on the top layer.

With MahJong Suite you can access over 20 types of screen styles, and the gameplay for each is the same.

Also, the game includes many game options, including the ability to undo or redo any move, and even use a suggested move if you don't know where to go next.

The time elapsed and your score is saved in a log where you can view your level in the game and if you are advancing in position.

This trial version is completely functional, although some options are deactivated.

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